Guidehouse Insights Launches Data Insights Subscriptions to Provide Direct Access to Global Technology Deployment Trackers and Databases

Subscribers can perform real-time, custom analyses to visualize the scale and pace of market disruption across energy, transportation, and built environment sectors

Sep 21, 2020

Market intelligence and advisory group Guidehouse Insights is pleased to announce a new data-focused offering designed to help clients monitor global technology deployments and disruption across the energy, transportation, and built-environment sectors.

Data Insights is a collection of eight interactive database tools with dashboards designed to support strategic business decisions. Available through annual subscriptions, each database is updated twice a year and supplemented by quarterly slide-based trend reports that distill the latest findings across key applications and customer segments from a dedicated analyst team.

Data Insights subscription services include:

·         AMI Tracker

·         Energy Storage Systems Tracker

·         Building Stock Database

·         Global Wind Database

·         DER Database

·         Microgrids Tracker

·         Energy Blockchain Project Tracker

·         Smart Cities Tracker

“Data Insights provides centralized access to global technology deployment trackers and database resources, offering our clients insight into consolidated technology and market data trends with greater geographic granularity and more frequent quantitative updates,” says Mackinnon Lawrence, leader of Guidehouse Insights. “This is part of Guidehouse Insights’ holistic approach to helping clients better navigate emerging technology disruption, monitor customer demand shifts, and stay ahead of changing market rules to capture more value in sectors undergoing significant transformation.”

Each individual service draws upon disparate data sources, including proprietary research reports, trackers, analyst knowledge, and primary interviews. By combining actionable data and quantitative analysis to illustrate the impact of emerging technology solutions, Data Insights services allow subscribers to perform custom analyses while staying current on the latest market developments for some of the most important pieces of today’s transformative industries.

Guidehouse Insights is committed to providing clients with the information they need to develop transformational strategies in a time of unprecedented disruption,” says Benjamin Freas, research director, Data Insights, at Guidehouse Insights.

For more information about Data Insights, contact Guidehouse Insights or watch a demo.


Lindsay Funicello-Paul