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Why Guidehouse Insights

Communication networks connect 7 billion people worldwide. Increasingly, networking technologies are connecting things and machines across the energy sector, laying the foundation for increasingly complex IT systems and robust analytics. The Internet of Things will connect tens of billions—eventually hundreds of billions—of connected devices and systems across the smart grid, smart buildings, and smart cities.

Guidehouse Insights provides actionable intelligence covering advanced applications and automation across grid infrastructure, buildings, transportation, and the utility sector.

Wireless Network Equipment and Systems

Primary Research


Guidehouse Insights was asked to assess electric utility preferences for smart grid communications technologies and network management services on behalf of our client, a leader in wireless network equipment and systems.


  • Partnered with the Utilities Telecom Council and GigaOM/Earth2Tech to field a web-based quantitative survey of smart grid industry participants with screening questions to quality utility respondents who were involved in smart grid deployments.
  • Conducted qualitative survey with utility managers focused on utility attitudes and preferences related to the utilization of various wide area networking technologies including fiber, broadband over power line, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G mobile networks.
  • Qualitative survey included discussion of specific smart grid infrastructure applications for networking technologies, along with probing for an understanding of the organizational decision-making process for technology and vendor selection.

THE RESULT: The client used the findings from our research to tailor the messaging in their webinars and marketing materials in their effort to target the smart grid sector for wireless network equipment and services.

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