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Why Guidehouse Insights

The power & utilities industry is facing a historic transformation toward a clean, intelligent, mobile, and distributed grid. The expansion of clean energy, greater digitization, electrification of transportation, and the growth of distributed energy resources (DER) all point to greater consumer-centricity and a more dynamic networked ecosystem.

Guidehouse Insights offers insight into how new approaches and business models will enable power & utilities market leaders to leverage emerging technologies to succeed in this rapidly changing landscape.

Large Electric Utility

Market Sizing & Forecasting


For a large electric utility, Guidehouse Insights was asked to assess the total addressable market for energy efficiency retrofits, electrical infrastructure, and backup power systems in several key geographies in an effort to assess opportunity scenarios.


  • Quantified the size of each market for the total U.S. and segmented by specified geographies
  • Further segmented the data by 10 building types
  • Developed a multi-dimensional 7 year market forecast
  • Made recommendations for the best targets for expansion in each of the three markets by geography and building type

THE RESULT: Guidehouse Insights’ analysis was used as input into the client’s decision regarding expansion within each of the three areas into specific geographies by building type.

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