Multinational Consumer Technology Company

Custom Market Analysis


Guidehouse Insights conducted a comprehensive analysis of the retail and wholesale electricity markets in the U.S. and Western Europe for purposes of supporting a market entry strategy for a multinational consumer technology company.


  • Provided a detailed functional mapping of power generation, transmission, and distribution market structures and business models in the U.S. (total and key states) and Western Europe (total and key countries).
  • Identified several emerging business models for energy-related services and provided an assessment of the costs and benefits associated with each one for suppliers and consumers.
  • Detailed the policy and regulatory landscapes in all geographies.
  • Profiled major utilities, including an assessment of their key initiatives related to emerging energy service offerings.
  • Highlighted partnership opportunities for the client in each major market including an analysis of anticipated benefits and potential pitfalls.

THE RESULT: The client refined the value proposition of the product offering and then moved forward with the market launch.