Japanese Consulting and Systems Integrations Firm

Custom Market Analysis


Guidehouse Insights conducted a comprehensive analysis of the mid-sized wind power industry in North America (with a primary focus on the United States) for a Japanese consulting and systems integration firm looking to invest in a manufacturer of mid-size wind turbines.


  • Analyzed net metering regulation at the federal and state levels and financial incentives available including: tax credits, rebate programs, feed-in tariffs, low-interest loans, sales tax exemptions, and production incentives.
  • Segmented the mid-size wind market by application including rural residential, agricultural/farming, commercial/industrial/retail, public institutions, off-grid residential, offshore oil/gas platforms, water pumping, remote monitoring, and security. This analysis included sizing of the addressable market within each sector as well as an assessment of mid-sized wind power’s suitability in each area.
  • Identified and examined barriers to industry growth including economics, performance issues, interconnection and permitting, and consumer awareness issues.
  • Examined the competitive landscape of mid-sized wind turbine manufacturers including vital statistics on each company.
  • Provided market sizing and forecasting data for mid-sized wind power units between 100 kW and 1 MW.
  • Identified partners and key market data related to sales channels within each region.

THE RESULT: The client decided not to invest in the mid-sized wind turbine market in the U.S. due to the complexity of the market – 50 different states with 50 different sets of regulations.