International Automotive Industry Supplier

Market Sizing & Forecasting


For an international automotive industry supplier, Guidehouse Insights was retained to create a comprehensive customizable 20 year forecasting model for the global light duty and medium heavy duty on-road transport vehicle market.


  • Developed a model that included annual forecasts across five regions and 19 countries for vehicle sales and for the total number of vehicle registrations (car parc) and factored in the impact of the various market, technology, and governmental drivers on the demand for all types of vehicles
  • Built in the flexibility to segment the model by several types of vehicles including Stop-Start, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Battery Electric, Fuel Cell, Natural Gas,
  • Propane (Autogas), and Conventional vehicles (gasoline and diesel)
  • Provided the forecasts and forecasting tools necessary for business planning and other research needs.

THE RESULT: Guidehouse Insights’ forecast and forecasting tools were used to develop scenario modeling for the global market in light duty and medium heavy duty on-road transport vehicles.