Financial Institution

Custom Market Analysis


A major financial institution engaged Guidehouse Insights to develop a detailed database and set of profiles for U.S. solar installers/integrators for purposes of launching a targeted effort to promote a new project finance offering.


  • Developed a comprehensive database of solar installers and integrators focused on the commercial/industrial, government/institutional, and residential markets.
  • Provided in-depth profiles for the top 30 solar installers/integrators including a summary of revenue, major customer lists, contact information for key personnel, and details on major projects.
  • Prioritized six companies for the client to target for an initial round of partnership discussions related to a new project finance service offering.

THE RESULT: Guidehouse Insights’ analysis of the largest U.S. solar installers/integrator was used as input into the client’s determination that this would be a viable market and therefore move forward with this new project finance offering.