Electric Vehicle Technology Company

Custom Market Analysis


Guidehouse Insights was engaged by an electric vehicle (EV) technology company to conduct a custom market analysis assessing geographic expansion opportunities in Latin America and Canada.


  • Completed a macro analysis of economic, demographic, and public policy trends driving the movement toward electrification of the automobile in Latin America and Canada.
  • Conducted an assessment of the competitive landscape in each target market including an examination of competitive product offerings. This analysis also included an evaluation of the client’s advantages and disadvantages relative to key competitors.
  • Analyzed profiles of target EV purchasers in each market including consumer demographics, driver usage profiles, and retail and fleet business models.
  • Evaluated the structure of supply and distribution chains for the target markets.
  • Provided EV market sizing and forecasts segmented by key countries (Latin America) and provinces (Canada) as well as by vehicle category.
  • Offered strategic conclusions and prioritized recommendations related to the client’s potential expansion into Latin America and Canada.

THE RESULT: Guidehouse Insights’ analysis was used as input into the client’s decision not to pursue either Latin America or Canada in their expansion plans.