Asian Battery Manufacturer

Market Sizing & Forecasting


A large Asian battery manufacturer looking to enter the North America market asked Guidehouse Insights to provide a detailed quantitative analysis of market opportunities for utility-scale energy storage in North America.


  • Provided a summary of market dynamics and opportunities in the long-duration bulk energy storage and short-duration ancillary services sectors
  •  Sized and forecasted the markets for bulk storage and ancillary services, including segmentation by technology, with annual forecasts extending through 2020
  • Examined key market trends in five key application areas: bulk storage, renewables integration, community and residential energy storage, grid services, and frequency regulation. Additional analysis included an assessment of the viability of specific technologies for each application.
  • Identified key market barriers and risks specific to the client’s strategic plan for market expansion.
  • Provided an analysis of the market parameters for energy storage systems within each ISO/RTO service territory, along with a ranking of the attractiveness of each region for energy storage.

THE RESULT: Guidehouse Insights’ analysis was used as input into the client’s decision regarding expansion to North America versus the other options of China and India.